“With a regular practice, I am dancing again!”

When we first met Dave he mentioned all the usual things, “I’m not very flexible, I have joint pain and have lost strength.”

He was taking a couple of yoga classes a week which was great, however we knew that if he could make it onto his mat more often he would benefit immensely so, he signed up for our 4 Week Challenge.

Over those 4 weeks, he felt the improvements of regular practice and now has a huge grin on his face, looks happier, younger and feels better than ever! And the best part, he has got back into his beloved dancing and achieved FIRST in the NZ Rock n Roll Nationals 2023 where he and his wife Sandra competed in the inaugural Diamond Restricted Section for 60+.

What an inspiration! We told Dave he’d better not let the other dance competitors know his yoga secret!

Why did you start Hot Yoga? (Bikram)

“My friend Raj (who now teaches) introduced me to Breathe Hot Yoga Studio. After recent hip surgery I still suffered from some knee and hip joint pain and I had lost a lot of flexibility and strength”.

What benefits have you received from the classes?

“Attending regular Bikram Hot Yoga over the past few years has really helped me to reduce pain in my joints. I’ve gained amazing flexibility – way beyond my expectations and always feel much calmer in the mind. I’ve also lost about 15 kg over a period of time. These benefits have helped me get back into my dancing”.

How do you feel after class?

“After class I always feel calmer in the mind and find any joint pain and other niggles have greatly subsided”.

What advice would you give to newbies?

“When I first started I admit it was a shock to the system and I wasn’t mentally prepared to do a 90 min class in the heat, let alone feel comfortable doing the poses. It took a while to get used to. However I was keen to persevere as I know it takes time to learn new skills and for the body to adjust and improve”.

What is it that you love about this studio?

“Breathe is very welcoming. All the teachers are awesome, they make the class informative and enjoyable. The studio is modern, open and clean and it’s in a great location with ample parking. There is a good choice of day, evening and weekend options”.

There are now 90 min, 75 min and 60 min classes available, something for everyone, give it a try!