Sweaty family time with yoga

We have a saying at the studio, people who sweat together, stay together! We have so many wonderful family relationships, husband and wives, sisters, mothers and sons, mothers and daughters, brothers, fathers and daughters, fathers and sons — such an amazing community — everyone coming in and doing what they love together with the people they love.

Meet Phillip and Brooke, they practice regularly together, set up their mats together and have a lovely relationship. Such a pleasure to see at the studio.

Brooke  “My dad introduced me to Hot Yoga and I’m so glad he did. It’s like that old saying, two birds with one stone because we can spend time together while doing something super beneficial for us. You can go into a class feeling highly strung and a little frazzled from the day that’s been, but always walk out feeling very zen, relaxed and accomplished. What goes on inside the yoga studio also translates to the outside world. So, if you’re in a tough or uncomfortable situation, just breathe. You’ll pull through!”

Phillip “There is nothing I enjoy more in life than spending time with my daughter. My second favourite thing to do is exercise — you name it, I’ve tried it — and I’ve found hot yoga by far the best exercise invented! I feel really energised — all day, every day — as long as I’m practicing regularly. So, when I practise with Brooke, I get the best of both worlds — my favourite thing to do with my favourite person by my side — super fantastic healthy bonding. I love it!”