Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t have to be experienced to do Hot Yoga or Pilates. You just need to come ready to sweat and transform your life!

It’s normal, for some, to feel euphoric and energized after class but it’s even more normal to feel a bit knackered … at first. Don’t despair! You will feel better during class once you learn to manage the heat and breathe normally. The best way to do that is to come back tomorrow and try again, try your best, your best is always enough! In fact, to get the best results you should take as many classes as possible your first few weeks. Our Introductory Offer of 3 classes in 10 days is a good way to get started!

Here are some tips to help you prepare for class
  • Arrive 15 minutes beforehand so you have enough time to find your way around, meet your instructor and settle in.
  • Remember to allow ample time for traffic, parking and finding the studio, our classes start on time.
  • Make sure you’re well hydrated: drink 1-2 litres of water throughout the day.
  • Try not to eat a large meal within 2 hours of the start of class. However, if you’re starving have something small – a piece of fruit, bliss ball, light snack – to stave off the hunger pangs and give you a shot of energy.
  • Finally be prepared to sweat, stretch, laugh and do more for your health, body and general well-being than you ever imagined possible.
  • An open mind, courageous attitude and a smile!
  • A large towel to cover your mat, an extra one if you want to shower.
  • A bottle of water (no glass).
  • A mat if you have one, otherwise you can hire one for $2
  • We also hire towels $3 and sell bottles of water at reception.
  • Comfortable clothing that you can move and sweat in.
  • Fitted, breathable active gym gear, i.e. leggings or shorts and a singlet.
  • Avoid wearing track pants and heavy t-shirts, remember it is hot!
  • We practice in bare feet, so come in and stretch those toes out!

Our classes range from no heat,  to between 35-38 degrees depending on class type.

The heat helps detoxify the body and enables a safer more intense stretch allowing you to work safely and more deeply into the postures, giving faster results.

Your first class can be a little overwhelming but it does get better! Notice how good you feel over the next 24 hours and come back for more the next day 🙂

We find the best way to acclimatise to the heat is to stay in the room, you can sit down or lie down and rest whenever you need to, as much as you want. Of course if you have an emergency you can leave anytime!

Please leave your phone outside the yoga room. If you have a special reason for needing to have your phone with you, please alert the teacher before class and set it to silent or vibrate. Please also leave your bags and shoes outside.

We want the yoga room to be a calm and clutter free space.

Yes we do for daily use during your class, please bring your own padlock

Yes, we have three showers in the womens bathrooms and two in the mens.

Come back! Sooner rather than later!  

Warm up your body again and stretch it out, give yourself and your body a few classes to adjust and you will feel better. The more classes you do, the better you will feel!

It is quite common to have a headache or feel dizzy or nauseous during or after your first couple of classes.  These are classic signs of the detoxification process taking place and/or you may have been a little dehydrated prior to coming to class.

Consider using an electrolyte supplement to take before, during or after class — some people find that coconut water helps, we also sell NUUN electrolytes which are sugar free, pop it into your water and it will work wonders!  Again, drink lots of water, however, avoid drinking too much water during class, most of your water intake should be at least 1 hour before class.

Most people start with our Introductory Offer — see our membership page for options or chat to Anita for recommendations.

Either show up early enough to register at the studio and pay for the Intro at reception or register and pay online through our studio software Mindbody so you are ready to go the moment you step through the door.

Don’t think about it too much, just come in and get started!  You are going to feel amazing and so proud of yourself for trying something new!

It’s great if you can book for your first class then we have you in our system when you arrive, after that you don’t need to book for classes, just show up at least 10 mins before class starts, we have plenty of room.

COVID-19 – if there are social distancing restrictions required as in ‘Red Light’ then please book, we have a large space, so just to be sure as we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

All our classes are beginner friendly. Each of the styles we offer is unique in its own way, experiment with what works for you.

Hot Yoga — The original Bikram series, a challenging full body workout leaving you feeling amazing.

Hot Pilates HIIT  — Challenging and fun with motivating music, interval training that gets results!

Yin Yoga — Deliciously slow paced yoga, no heat, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and blissful.

Each of the styles we offer is unique in its own way, experiment with what works for you.

It’s normal to feel a bit anxious when you start something new, everyone feels the same when they start! We all know how you feel, you will be fine, just set up your mat at the back, follow along, take rests whenever you need to and do what you can. We have lots of newbies at our studio so you won’t be alone!

All our teachers are very compassionate and friendly and they will make you feel right at home. We have a welcoming community at the studio — our yoga family — chat to anyone, they were a newbie once!

Yes of course! Talk to our instructors beforehand and other students as you go, especially if you are working through old injuries or chronic conditions or disease. We have very friendly, supportive and experienced instructors who have helped heal a lot of different injuries and conditions over the years.

Take it easy, listen to your body and rest when you need to.

No amount of yoga or pilates is too much and any amount will benefit you but for the absolute best results come at least 3 times a week or at least as often as you can.

1-2 classes a week and you will look and feel better.
3-4 classes a week and you will notice more rapid changes both inside & out.
5-6 classes a week and your life will change!

Yes we encourage it! Sign up together for our Introductory Offer and then motivate each other to come, a really good way to reach your goals!

Yes, we have lots of undercover free 2 hour parking, drive into the Caltex, straight ahead to the Customer Retail Parking, drive up the ramp to park and we are in the corner next to Burger Fuel.  It can get busy for the peak-time classes so make sure you allow enough time to park and get on your mat before the class starts, we wouldn’t want you to be late and miss the class! 🙂 Our door is normally only open 15 mins before and after each class so if you wish to visit outside these times please contact us.

Yes, please purchase gift cards here.  You will be emailed a gift card to print out.

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