Hot Yoga

This Original Hot Yoga improves the quality of your life, it is designed to test your mind as much as your body. Let your body detoxify and feel the best you have in years!

This yoga series (also known as Bikram Yoga) is designed for everybody and every body no matter what your age, size or fitness level. We have a wide range of people in our community so you will fit right in! We love newbies, come in, put your mat down, you might surprise yourself!

The postures are simple but challenging. Work at your own pace,  sit down if you need, do what you can and come back and try again! Each posture is done twice; each posture prepares you for the next, every class follows the same sequence of postures so you don’t have to think, just show up on your mat and follow along. Feel free to come to any class on the schedule as a first timer. Take it easy your first few classes as you get used to the 38° heat and instruction. Choose from the 60, 75 or 90 minute duration.

It’s a wonderful journey, be patient with yourself and enjoy

What do you need to bring?


Bring your own, hire one for $2 or purchase for $44


Cover your mat — you will sweat. Bring an extra for the shower.


Stay hydrated during the class — no glass bottles please.


Shake off your troubles at the door and just breathe.

Why this practice changes your life

Hot Yoga improves the cardiovascular system and works every organ, muscle, tendon and ligament in the body. It can prevent and reduce the symptoms of chronic illnesses and conditions such as arthritis, asthma, blood pressure and heart disease. You’ll gain strength and flexibility and see changes in your body shape. Your mind will calm and your moods enhance.


Even the simplest poses can help tone and strengthen muscles in the upper and lower body. Stabilise your joints and improve your bone density and lean muscle mass.


The heat in our hot room allows for an even deeper stretch to create a deep connection to the muscle tissue, encouraging it to relax and stretch. Great for your spine, and those tight hamstrings.


Yoga helps back pain and many other sports injuries by building strength, flexibility and balance. It promotes good even posture which gives you better synchronized body movements.


Reduce your stress, anxiety, any insomnia and depression. Sleep better, breathe better, have more energy and enhanced moods. Improve your overall confidence, self-esteem, and resilience.


Yoga promotes sweating which assists the detoxification process using the body’s largest eliminating organ, the skin. Stimulate the thyroid gland and get the digestive track moving.


Tone your body and lose any unwanted fat. Yoga slows the ageing process as the oxygenation and cleansing and helps restore skin texture and tone. You won’t recognise yourself!

Are you ready to transform your life?